Team Camp Concept

Successful coaches have long realized that team camps help to strengthen high school basketball programs by promoting leadership, team cohesion, and mental toughness developed during high-level competition.  D-One provides the premier Team Camp experience in the Midwest.  Here’s how it works:

High school program brings all eligible players, ranging in grades 12 through junior high.

Program coaches assign players of approximately 8 players to teams in four divisions:

  • Varsity
  • Junior Varsity
  • Freshmen
  • Junior High

Each team will play round robin regular schedule of 11 games in one of the divisions listed above.

Teams playing in all divisions compete in 40 minute modules with two 16 minute halves.

Upperclass players will be given instruction in responsibilities, roles, and guidelines to build leadership and chain of command within the high school program for the upcoming season.

Each team will participate in tournament play (guaranteed 2 games), including awards for tournament winners in each of the above division.

Each camper will compete in individual competitions for 1 on 1, dribbling, free throw, and 3 point shooting in each division noted above.