Shooting College Camp Features

Dr. Don Hoover will supervise a camp staff specifically selected for boys and girls of this age.  The staff will consist of professionals with much experience in sport science, basketball or both.  The camp ratio of 1 coach for every 9 campers is the lowest in the nation and will insure individual instruction and attention for every camper.

Camp Features
Each camper undergoes computerized motion analysis from multiple angles.
All players receive instruction on the “Scientific Approach to Improved Shooting Skills”.
Each camper receives position-specific (point, wing, post) instruction to improve pre-shot separation skills.
Personalized DVD for each camper containing digital video analysis of jump shot and shooting separation skills.
Each player receives sport scientist report detailing strengths and weaknesses of shooting biomechanics.
Each camper will take over 2000 supervised jump shots over 3 days.
Air-Conditioned dorms and courts.
Players grouped according to age, abilities, and playing position.
Ratio 1 coach per 9 players.
Limited camp size to insure individualized instruction (100 maximum).
Camp t-shirts.
Awards for competition free throws, spot shooting, and position shooting.

Special Camp Feature
Practice alone does not raise performance: scientific studies consistently show that regular, professional feedback is needed for individuals to raise the level of performance to the highest degree possible.

Every camper who attends the D-One Shooting College is eligible to participate in the Year ‘Round Shooter Development Program offered by D-One Basketball, offered at additional cost. This program is modeled on those regularly used by sport scientists working remotely with Olympic and professional athletes, providing the professional feedback necessary for improved shooting performance throughout the year. Participation is easy and highly cost-effective. Participants simply capture video of themselves shooting jump shots at home using a digital camera, iPhone or android. They then send the video to D-One, where it is promptly broken down and returned within a few days with detailed analysis to the shooter, allowing him or her to continue effective practice at home. The D-One camp directors recommend participants send video on a quarterly basis in order to ensure continued good shooting habits.  No Other Shooting Camp In the Nation Has This Feature.

Camp Facilities
Campers have use of indoor basketball and athletic facilities at all camp sites, providing ample space for individual instruction and practice stations.  Sport scientists staffing the camp will use computerized motion analysis equipment on par with instrumentation used in university research laboratories, the US Olympic Training Center, and similar venues.  Over-night campers are housed in Spiece Fieldhouse’s air conditioned sleeping area/dorms (boys and girls in separate dorms).  Counselors and coaches provide supervision and advice for youngsters at all times.

Qualified trainers will be on duty to examine and treat any injuries, bumps, and bruises.

D-One Shooting College:  Better Basketball Through Sport Science