Shooting College

Dear Campers, Parents, and Coaches:

Shooting is the most important of the fundamental skills in basketball. Successful teams are comprised of players who can consistently make their shots. Individual and team success are  clearly built on this fundamental skill.

Great shooters are often described as “pure shooters” because of the apparent effortlessness of their shots. These players typically have a quick, smooth release and a soft touch. Many people mistakenly believe great shooters are born this way. Nothing could  be  further from the truth, as  sport science has shown that great shooters are made, not born. Instead, great shooters have simply learned sound basketball habits and  can  apply  them  effectively  in  game  situations.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
Aristotle (384-322 BC)

What are your basketball habits?  Are your current practice habits helping you become a good –  or even great – shooter?

More specifically, do you know how to analyze your own shot to reinforce success or correct  shooting errors?  This skill is vital because much shooting practice occurs alone. Do you currently practice basketball skills in ways that translate into excellent during game situations? If  not, your current habits likely lack  training specificity and thus ill-prepare you to perform to your best during game conditions.

Shot analysis and shot training specificity can be taught. While self-shot analysis has been taught at shooting schools for decades, shot training specificity has not been taught on a widespread basis. Both are best taught using methods validated through sports science such as computerized  motion analysis.

sport science 2

Sport Science clearly shows that…Great Shooters Aren’t Born, They’re Made.

Computerized motion analysis is used most commonly to help elite amateur and professional athletes improve their performance. These methods are widely used to help athletes improve performance in sports such as baseball, football, golf, and track and field. These scientific methods allow sport scientists to accurately measure how well athletes perform, identify factors that are slowing progress, and create training programs that lead to improved  performance.  Just as importantly, these computerized methods allow players to more easily learn how to improve their  performance than is possible by viewing video alone.

D-One’s Shooting College uses computerized motion analysis to help young players improve their  shooting performance but it is rare for even elite basketball camps to include such technology. Indeed, this is the first shooting school of this type offered in the United States, and this is a great fit for the highly competitive basketball culture in Indiana.  We encourage you to enroll now as we are limiting each session to 100 players, which will allow us to  provide individual instruction to each player.  We look forward to working with you this summer!


D-One Shooting College:  Better Basketball Through Sport Science