Scientific Approach to Improved Shooting

Larry Bird. Stephen Curry. Steve Nash. Ray Allen. Kobe Bryant. Glen Rice. Rick Mount. Reggie Miller. Each has been described as a “pure shooter”, as if there was little effort behind the “effortlessness” of his release. The reality is that each received good instruction an early age and then put in countless hours in the gym refining his shot.

“Shooting touch is no more than practicing the right way.”
Bill Bradley, Princeton All-American, Rhodes Scholar, New York Knick, U.S. Senator

Rather than focus on methods that are best for one shooter, the D-One Shooting College uses the evidence from scientific studies to teach the characteristics of all great shooters. These principles are then reinforced through high repetition practice, multiple forms of feedback, and encouragement.

Dr. Hoover has over 25 years experience implementing these sports science principles as a teacher, clinician, and researcher.  His experience with these matters creates an environment for improving performance unlike any basketball camp in the country.

D-One Shooting College:  Better Basketball Through Sport Science