Point, Wing, Post: Position-Specific Approach to Improved Shooting

Basketball is played today at a faster pace today than at any time in its history.  More aggressive defenses have prompted this faster pace, meaning that players often have to work much harder to get “open looks” than did players who played during the 20th century.  This trend factors very much into the process of teaching players how to develop effective shooting habits that carry over to game conditions.

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Sport Science clearly shows that …Great Shooters Aren’t Born.  They’re Made.

These changes in the game have also resulted in greater offenses specialization; point guards frequently shoot off the drive, wings typically shoot off the catch, and post players often initiate a jump shot before squaring to the basket. Coaches describe such pre-shot positioning as separation, whereas sports scientists describe this as a preparation phase to the jump shot itself. Regardless of its name, these skills are also teachable movement skills that have increasing importance in the fast-paced basketball of the 21st century.

Sport Science + Validated Teaching Methods + Practice = Better Performance

The staff of the D-One Shooting College devotes substantial camp time to teaching players – in an easily learned and retained format – the position specific fundamentals of separation necessary to play at the highest level possible. This training is reinforced with use of computerized motion analysis, which helps to accelerate the integration of these important skills and the fast-paced game conditions of contemporary basketball.

D-One Shooting College:  Better Basketball Through Sport Science